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Hi ! I am tim Rowledge, the owner of the site and so I get a whole section to myself. You'll find pages on my work with the Squeak programming system, motorcycle building and riding, woodworking, radio control-model aircraft and anything else that takes my fancy.  And yes I usually go by 'tim', lowercase and all. No need to use the title.

The Internet Surname Database (take with a pinch of salt, we don’t call it the net of a billion lies for nothing y’know!) claims the name derives from old norse ‘the deers ridge’ and was first recorded as a family name in 1607.

Rowledges related to me
  • My late father was a fairly well known author of Railway, Tram, Bus and related books. I'll be putting together a bibliography of his books someday.
  • His brother, Micheal, lives in New Zealand
  • My great-uncle was Sir Arthur John Rowledge, chief designer at Rolls-Royce around the time of WW2 and designer of the Merlin engine that powered the Spitfire, Lancaster, Hurricane, Mosquito, Mustang and many other important airplanes. It was an interesting experience to work at RR myself and meet a number of senior people that had been his apprentices back then.

Rowledges not directly related - so far as I know
Google also tells me about these Rowledges, all of whom are invited to contact me to get a page or link setup or even to ask me to not list them:-
  • Bruce Rowledge owns the insurance agency Rowledge Agency, Inc. in Scotia NY
  • Wendy Rowledge is a Resource Agent in the Alberta Ag-Info centre
  • Darrel Rowledge is an Alberta conservationist and writer
  • Tracey Rowledge is a widely known, award winning, bookbinder
  • Grant Rowledge is a recording engineer in Vancouver
  • Jim Rowledge of Kiowa, CO is an award winning auto-technician
  • Arthur Rowledge served in WW2 in the 5th Camerons and was wounded in the battle at Zig Canal in Holland
  • Dr Lorinda Rowledge teaches business related studies and is Dean of Academics and research at Bainbridge Graduate Institute.
  • Sarah Rowledge is head of Absolute Angels Montessori School in Essex
  • Yvette Rowledge is a music teacher in Surrey BC, Canada